Equine Exchange Consignment Agreement                
This is an agreement between Equine Exchange and the consignor listed below.
222 West 1st Ave
West, Unit 140, Albany, OR 97321                                 541-757-7669

Consignor ID:

Consignor Responsibilities:

During the first 3 months of a consignment period items removed by the consignor will be
charged a 10% fee for each item . After the first 3 months of the consignment period
items may be removed by the consignor with a 30 day written notice without penalty. After
6 months no notice is required to remove items. The consignor is responsible to pick up
items by month 19.   Equine Exchange will dispose of items after month 19 at EE’s

Consignor is responsible for contacting EE regarding availability of checks for pick-up at
the store. Checks will not be mailed to consignors unless other arrangements are made.
EE is not responsible for checks lost in the postal service, any reissued checks will be
assessed a $25 stop payment fee.

Discounting process:  All consigned items will discount as follows:
  • Months 1 through 6, items discount at 5% a month (30% discount)    
  • Months 7 through 11, no additional discounting   (rest period)
  • Months 12 through 18, discounting resumes at 10% a month (from original price)
  • Items remaining at EE beyond month 19 have completed the discounting
  process and may be disposed of at EE’s discretion.

Consignor agrees that items consigned at least 1 year prior to the date of this agreement
will start discounting process at month 12. ______(initial)

to EE to dispose of any remaining items. ______(initial)

Equine Exchange responsibilities: Equine Exchange is referred to as EE below
EE reserves the right to terminate this agreement at any time, consignor will be contacted.

In the event of theft or fire, EE will pay the consignor the value of the item at the time the loss
was discovered and not based on the original sales price. Some light wear is expected while
goods are handled by customers and EE is not responsible to the consignor for its
potential loss in value.

Initial sales price of consigned items is agreed on by both parties. (Fair Market Value)

Equine Exchange may ask the consignor to reduce the price if it is determined that the item is
priced above the fair market value.

Books are closed at the end of every month and checks issued by the 5th business day of the
following month, EE shall keep records of all goods on consignment and give consignor access to
such records on request.

Consignor Signature:  _________________________________________

Equine Exchange Representative:________________________________